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Dear Fellow Marketer,

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few years, I’m sure you already know that in order to succeed online – you’re going to need quality traffic right?

Now I’m not talking about the spammy kind. Not in the least.

I’m talking about the kind of traffic that fattens your bank account, but doesn’t take forever to materialize.

And recently, there’s a traffic getting method that’s come available that you can use to generate a ton of profit…without a ton of time on your computer.

Interested? You should be.

This Perfectly Ethical Loophole Gets
You All The Traffic And 1st Page Rankings
You Could Ever Want…Without The Wait.

If you remember the days of using items such as Traffic Equalizer and other software that gamed Google, then you know how many people were making crazy money with that.

Well, long story short, they got shut down and Google tightened up it’s search engine algorithms.

And just like that, the good ol’ days were no more.

But now, there’s a way to bring back that same traffic power (even better to be honest) and NEVER have to worry about being penalized by Google ever again.

How? By tapping into the power of Live Streaming video.

By Using The Power of Live Streaming
Video, We Were Able To Get These Results In

24 Hours or Less!

That’s right. Just by accessing the Live Stream option that Google and YouTube provides, you could get all of the 1st page rankings and traffic you could possibly ever want.

Best of all?

You could literally see page one rankings within 24 hours. No joke.

But If You Tried To Do This Manually,
It Would Take You FOREVER To Dominate Your Niche.

As I said earlier, we all want traffic, but we also want freedom and lifestyle.

That’s why if you tried to work on this manually without any type of solution, you’d spend days if not weeks trying to get a handful of measly pitiful results.

Not to mention, you’d burn yourself out.

But what if you could skip all the tedious and terrible work it takes to dominate the 1st page of Google and YouTube?

And what if you could click a few buttons and have multiple page one ranking on demand?

And finally, what if you could do it across a number of niches before you’ve even had your morning coffee?

Thankfully, now you can.

The #1 Live StreamingTraffic Getting,
Instant Video Ranking, Cloud Based App On The Internet!

1st Page Ranker Is Easy Enough For Newbies,
Yet Powerful Enough For The Most Advanced Marketer!

When you get started with 1st Page Ranker today, you’ll absolutely love how easy it is to use.
There’s nothing to install on your computer. Just log in, follow a few steps, and you’re ready to go!

And it doesn’t get any simpler than that!

We understand that not everyone is tech savvy like ourselves, so we’ve designed 1st Page Ranker to be as powerful as a locomotive, yet simple as riding a bicycle.

Thus, getting anyone tons of outstanding results in the process. Newbies and experienced marketers alike.

Take A Look At What Others Are Saying…

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1st Page Ranker FE

By Using 1st Page Ranker, You’ll Be Able To:

Camera Shy?

No Problem. Use Any Pre-Recorded
Video To Simulate Live Streaming

One of the great things you’ll love about 1st Page Ranker is that you never have to be on camera.

Not one single time.

By using our specialized technology, you can load up a number of pre-recorded videos and make it appear as if it’s a live video!

There are a number of ways to get amazing results with video WITHOUT the need to be on camera such as:

Use slides and record yourself talking through the presentation. Then save the video, upload to 1st Page Ranker, hit a few buttons and you’re ready to start getting traffic.

 Or tap into the power of Creative Commons videos on sites like Youtube, Vimeo, SpinXpress and more. You simply use pre-existing videos, add an call to action, load it in 1st Page Ranker and you’re off to the races!

I hope you’re starting to see the amazing super easy traffic pulling power that 1st Page Ranker can have on your business. Whether you want to appear on camera or just lay in the background, you can start getting traffic and rankings within 24 hours hands down.

Get Traffic With Only Few Clicks
of Your Mouse, and Get On With Your Day!

If you’re like most people, you don’t have an extra 8 hours in the day to work on getting traffic for your internet business.

And even if you did, why spend it in front of the computer all day?

Especially when there’s a brand new cloud based app that does all of the heavy lifting for you!

This 1st Page

Free Traffic

Is An Absolute Goldmine!

I can’t even begin to state how important it is to be on the 1st page of Google and YouTube for your desired keywords searches and phrases.

Just take a look at the difference a ranking with page one results gets vs those results on page two of the search results:

Let’s Face It:
Doing SEO Flat Out Sucks!

1st Page Ranker Levels
The Playing Field.

Here’s What Others Are Saying

$47 $10 Dollars Instantly Knocked Off via Coupon Code: 10off
(please refer to buy button for current Early Bird price)

1st Page Ranker FE

Snag Tons of Server Melting Traffic,
Without The Need To Slave Away In Front of Your Computer Screen!

There’s only one thing better than getting high quality free traffic.

And that’s getting the same traffic around the clock while you sleep!

Nothing is better for your online business than to have a steady stream of visitors viewing your offers, services, and products while you do other things.

Just imagine getting 500 visitors to your website while you play a round of golf.

Or getting another 1,000 visitors this week while you take the kids to the park.

 Or even better, getting 10,000 visitors this month to your sites while you catch some z’s.

And with every visitor to your site, you’re increasing your bottom line, your profit potential, building massive lists, and creating awesome promotional campaigns that bring in cash like clockwork.

All because you fired up 1st Page Ranker and started getting traffic with only a few clicks of your mouse!


To Dominate The Search Engine Rankings Is Included Inside of 1st Page Ranker:

Sure, there are other software out there that try to do what 1st Page Ranker does, but none of them even comes close. You have to download clunky software, deal with messy installs, and hope that you don’t have any compatibility issues on your computer.

But 1st Page Ranker removes all of that by being the only cloud app of its kind and also delivering a ton of new features that you won’t find anywhere else online.

Here’s a list of what you’ll get access to in the next 5 minutes…

The Easy To Use 1st Page Ranker Dashboard

When you first log in to 1st Page Ranker, you’ll find the design easy to navigate. But don’t let that fool you. 1st Page Ranker is packed with powerful tools that delivers awesome results, yet simple enough to use for even the most technical newbie!

Unlimited Use With The Latest In Loophole Live Streaming Technology

We use 1st Page Ranker in our own businesses so we’re constantly developing and improving it as Google and YouTube makes changes to livestreaming. This way you’re always up to date and can use it as much as you want!

Spin Videos With No Limitations For Maximum Use

You’ll also find that you can create tons of variations of your video in 1st Page Ranker with just one click. This is great for multiplying your efforts with less work.

Unlimited Use With The Latest In Loophole Live Streaming Technology

We use 1st Page Ranker in our own businesses so we’re constantly developing and improving it as Google and YouTube makes changes to livestreaming. This way you’re always up to date and can use it as much as you want!

Get 30 Video Uploads Monthly Guaranteed

We’ll give you a 30 month video upload pass to use as you see fit. Use them in one niche or spread them out. Target a few major keywords and build juice to them or dominate long tail keywords. The choice is yours.

(New Feature!) Import Directly From Google Drive

This is great if you have virtual assistants who create video and upload it to Google Drive or if you’ve created a video on your phone and uploaded it to your Google Drive cloud. Now you don’t need to download it and re-upload it to 1st Page Ranker. Just click a button, import, and you’re ready to get major traffic!

Create MULTIPLE Live Events With One Click

We all have a lot to do. So to make sure you’re not spending all day to get 1st Page Ranker working for you, we’ve given you the ability to capture more traffic by scheduling as many events as you want with only a single click.

Advanced Scheduling Made Easy

Want to schedule your live streams easily? How about 20 of them? With this option, you only need to click a couple of buttons to schedule 20 events with absolute ease.

Preconfigured Tokens For Fast Work

If you have items that you create over and over, you’ll love this option. Just configure your token with your preset (links, signs, etc.) and now you can use it in your descriptions and complete your campaigns incredibly fast!

Put Your Profitable Affiliate Reviews On Steroids

There’s a couple of tricks that can make your affiliate videos stand out like a sheep in a lion’s den. And that’s by using prefixes and suffixes like best, honest, latest, newest, and others. Knowing this, we’ve built these into 1st Page Ranker for you so you can get your affiliate video reviews done fast!

Works With Every Language

Of course English is the most common language spoken with marketers. But why stop there? Why not get incredible rankings in Spanish, Russian, or even Italian? 1st Page Ranker makes this possible with our multi language option so ANYONE on the planet can use it to get great rankings and traffic.

Multi Language Interface

While you can not only get results in multiple languages, you can also switch the 1st Page Ranker dashboard to any language you choose! That’s right. For those of you that English isn’t your first language or you don’t speak it fluently, just simply go to the language selection option, choose your native language, and all of 1st Page Ranker will be in the language you understand! This way you can get up and running quickly with 1st Page Ranker REGARDLESS of the language you speak.

Go Live In Minutes...Not Days or Weeks

If you want to live stream immediately, it’s no problem for 1st Page Ranker. Simply select your video, click a button and voila! You’re all set and ready to go live!

Create Optimized SEO Titles on The Fly With Just A Few Clicks

As if 1st Page Ranker wasn’t already incredible enough, we’ve gone ahead and created the ability to use prefixes and suffixes in your titles with only a few clicks too! And once you’re done, drop your title into the ‘Title Formatter’ and out comes your SEO optimized traffic sucking title!

Bypass The YouTube Duplicate Video Police With No Problem

It’s a known fact that you can’t use the same video over and over on YouTube without some kind of penalty. That’s why we’ve created our own technology in 1st Page Ranker that lets you sidestep the YouTube ‘sentinel’ and get more traffic over and over from the same video!

Get More Link Juice With Our Automated Interlinking Technology

While Google and YouTube will give your livestream videos some major love, we’ve also designed 1st Page Ranker to batch all of your videos with inter linking. This way you get even more boost with your page one rankings as well!

Handsfree Search Engine Notification For All Your Links

Everytime you setup a new campaign in 1st Page Ranker, the software will automatically ping your links to alert Google and other search engines too. This way you can start experiencing traffic in 24 hours or less…not weeks or months.

One Click Bulk Description Editing

Want to make a change to multiple listings without doing it manually one by one? We’ve got you covered. Simply use this option to easily replace text and add links at the bottom or top of your descriptions.

30 Channels For All Your Video Management Needs

We understand that not everyone has one niche they focus on getting traffic for. That’s why we’ve given you the option of plugging in 30 different video channels to your 1st Page Ranker account. This way you can dominate across multiple niches without any hassle.

100% Commercial Rights Included!

1st Page Ranker will work great for your business. This we’re sure of. But we also understand that you might have clients who can use the power of 1st Page Ranker too. That’s why we’re including commercial rights at no extra charge. This way, 1st Page Ranker will pay for itself 1000 times over!

See The Power of 1st Page Ranker For Yourself!

1st Page Ranker Is 100% Whitehat.
So You Never Have To Worry About Your Rankings
Being Penalized.

Everything that 1st Page Ranker does is totally top notch and above board. You won’t be bogged down with any sketchy servers or bot scripts that fake out web visitors.

Nope. You’re simply working within the Google and YouTube ecosphere with a solution they’ve provided and using it to your benefit.

This way, you’ll never have to worry about your rankings being penalized and you can enjoy those ‘1st Page’ Rankings for months and years to come!

1st Page Ranker Removes The Need For Expensive
SEO Costs And Replaces Them All With Everything You Need For Incredible Page One Rankings!

As If We Need To Give You Any More Reason – Here’s Another massive Benefit of 1st Page Ranker…

Just think… You’ll never be wasting any more BIG BUCKS on SEO services… Now that YOU can do it in ‘3 Clicks’ and get the results that so-called ‘specialists’ charge Hundreds or even Thousands of Dollars for… and still not be able to Guarantee “1st Page” results.

Never Again will you be paying any of the SEO Bills you see above! Those are Bills for just ‘1’ SEO Ranking! You can now do UNLIMITED 1st Page Rankings!!

You’re going to put them all out of business… while your business BOOMS on all fronts firing on all ‘SEO’ cylinders.

Page One Rankings Is Just The Beginning.
The Real Treasure Is The Potential Six Figure
Income You Could Make…

When you get access to 1st Page Ranker today, you’ll see for yourself how simple and easy it is to get on the 1st page of Google and YouTube for multiple keywords.

But why stop there? Especially when there’s 10’s of thousands of dollars up for grabs every single month.

You could literally use one or multiple of the following to generate a healthy six figure income with 1st Page Ranker:

Rent Out The Rankings to Local Businesses

Local business owners are desperate for new customers, but have no clue how any of this ‘internet’ stuff works. They don’t know the difference between a social media post and a meme sometimes!

But they do understand that the internet can bring them new revenue and if you can help them do that, they’ll pay handsomely for it.

Just 10 local businesses paying you $1,000 a month gives you $10,000 month in and month out.

And 1st Page Ranker makes it super easy to manage it all!

 Make A Killing As An Affiliate Marketer

People are searching for items to purchase every single day on the internet. And with a decent amount of keyword research, you could position yourself in front of all that buyer traffic with 1st Page Ranker.

You could literally have 20 products all earning you $50 a day or more. Or you could generate tons of leads for other businesses and sell them a $25 a pop or more!

Plenty of people are doing this now and making a cool five figures a month.

Launch Jacking

There’s always a launch happening and not just on networks like JVzoo or W+. Clickbank and other networks have launches too.

Well why not load up 1st Page Ranker and get page one rankings for all of those products coming to market and make some commissions in the process?

Just a few clicks of your mouse is all it takes.

Sell More of Your Digital Products

People also use Google and YouTube to search for solutions to their problems day in and day out.

So why not share your digital product that helps solve those problems and get paid well for it?

With 1st Page Ranker, you could dominate for a ton of terms in your market and funnel that traffic right to your sales funnel.

This would allow you to build a list, generate leads, and close sales all on handsfree mode in the present and the future!

Boost Ecommerce Sales

If you own an ecommerce store, then you can funnel tons of buyer traffic to your products right from within Google.

Just think about it. Having 1st Page Ranker is like having an army of sales people who go out and bring you more buyers for your products – no matter the niche.

Boost Your Blog Earnings

If you’re looking to run a successful blog then you’ll definitely want to incorporate 1st Page Ranker into your traffic arsenal.

Because with 1st Page Ranker, you can scoop up a ton of traffic from long tail keywords and build a plethora of Google friendly backlinks in the process.

And if you want, you can flip that site later for a tidy sum.

Boost Your YouTube Channel Revenue

Now this may be a little out the box, but you could also use 1st Page Ranker to actually generate more views to your YouTube videos.

Yep. Just take those keywords and point them to your favorite videos that you use to profit and you can get more juice and boost to your YouTube rankings while getting more subscribers to your channel.

And the more subscribers you have, the more revenue you’ll make!

There’s Absolutely No Other Software On The
Market That Even Comes Close To 1st Page Ranker!

(And Definitely Not At The Same Price…)

 In all honesty, 1st Page Ranker isn’t the only livestreaming tool on the market.
But it is the only live streaming tool with all of the features listed on this page.
Most others are clunky, super complicated, incredibly overpriced, and fail to deliver incredible results.
And where all of the other live streaming tools fail, 1st Page Ranker absolutely shines.
Imagine being able to generate hundreds or even thousands of page one rankings within the next 24 hours with just a few clicks of your mouse.
1st Page Ranker can deliver that a more!

No Long Downloads.
No Messy Installs Necessary.

Just Login, Follow A Few Steps, And Start Getting Traffic.

The beauty of 1st Page Ranker is that everything is 100% cloud based.

No longer will you have to wait for 100’s of megabytes or even gigabytes to download to your computer. And even once you do, who knows if there will be any compatibility issues?

We’ve taken care of that by creating the best live streaming 1st page ranking software tool in the cloud.

This way, instead of focusing on trying to get the software up and running, you can focus on what really matters.

And that’s increasing your business’ bottom line.

1st Page Ranker Works On
Every Device You Own or Have Access To.

There’s NO WHERE you can’t access 1st Page Ranker as long as you have access to the internet.
Have an idea while you’re out and want to crank out a campaign on your phone? No problem.
Sitting in bed and you want to tap into a new niche you saw on the tv? Easy peasy.
1st Page Ranker is compatible on all these devices:

 Make Every Minute You Spend At Your
Computer Yield Profitable Results Like These

 So… Do You Want To Keep Doing Things
The Hard Way Or Do You Want To Get TONS of Free
Traffic The Easy Way?

I’ll be the first to tell you that getting traffic from the search engines (namely Google and YouTube) isn’t the only game in town.

But it’s definitely the game you should be playing if you want long term sustainable success at no cost. But if you’re thinking of trying to pursue any other method of traffic generation, then may I advise you do so with extreme caution.

For example, if you’re thinking about using…

Paid Traffic?

This traffic method can be extremely profitable…when you FINALLY figure it out. There are countless horror stories of people losing 10’s of thousands of dollars, being scammed by traffic ‘experts’, while NEVER seeing any positive ROI.

But if you’re going to experiment, why not do it without breaking the bank? That’s what 1st Page Ranker can do for you today.

   Link Farms?

This is SOOOO 2002. If you try to use these to get rankings, your site will be stuck in the Google Sandbox (Google’s version of the Dog House), for oblivion with no point of return.

So if you want to get rankings and are thinking of using link farms to do so? Don’t.

Traffic Exchange?

Pfft! Good luck making money with a bunch of scripted bots from a third world country.

Honestly, I don’t even know if anyone truly makes money from these except the owners. Plus, it’s always just a bunch of mlm’s and scammy biz-ops advertised there.

Not the type of quality traffic your business both needs and deserves.

Private Blog Networks? (PBN foor short)

Sure, they can still work. But unless you’ve got a trust fund and the savings that can purchase a small country, then forget it. Not to mention the amount of content it takes to dodge Google’s all seeing eye.

And honestly, it seems that PBN’s are getting harder and harder to manage by the minute according to some who use them

But friend, there’s an easier way. One that can get you paid like the bank.

It Took Thousands of Dollars and Months
of Development To Bring 1st Page Ranker To Fruition.
But Now It’s Yours For Mere Pennies on The Dollar.

I know you’re anxious to get your hands on 1st Page Ranker and you’re probably wondering what the investment is.

Well, if you got only a handful of 1st page rankings using our cloud based app, and that generated an extra $500 a month, that’s an additional $6,000 a year.

So it’s safe to say that 1st Page Ranker is worth at least a $2,000 investment right?

And if you tried to build this app on your own, you’re sure to have to invest MINIMALLY anywhere from $7,000-$10,000.

That covers your development fees, hosting for this AMAZING cloud based app, ongoing support, fixing bugs, and more.

You could go that route or you could make a very small investment today and get 1st Page Ranker for next to nothing while having an app that generates tons of 1st page rankings on complete demand.

Especially since we’ve already done all the hard work.

All you need to do is plug in and profit!

And If That’s Not Enough, We’re Going To Ethically
Bribe You Into Getting Page One Rankings With These Amazing


So Let’s Recap.
Here’s What You’re About To Get
Access To In The Next 5 Minutes…

The Easy To Use 1st Page Ranker Dashboard
Unlimited Use With The Latest In Loophole Live Streaming Technology
Spin Videos With No Limitations For Maximum Use
Get 30 Video Uploads Monthly Guaranteed
(New Feature!) Import Directly From Google Drive
Create MULTIPLE Live Events With One Click
Advanced Scheduling Made Easy
Preconfigured Tokens For Fast Work
Put Your Profitable Affiliate Reviews On Steroids
Works With Every Language
Go Live In Minutes...Not Days or Weeks
Create Optimized SEO Titles on The Fly With Just A Few Clicks
Bypass The YouTube Duplicate Video Police With No Problem
Get More Link Juice With Our Automated Interlinking Technology
Handsfree Search Engine Notification For All Your Links
One Click Bulk Description Editing
30 Channels For All Your Video Management Needs
100% Commercial Rights Included!

$47 $10 Dollars Instantly Knocked Off via Coupon Code: 10off
(please refer to buy button for current Early Bird price)

1st Page Ranker FE

Your Investment In 1st Page Ranker Is Totally Risk Free Today With Our No Fuss 100%
30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Our guarantee is simple.

Take the next 30 days to use 1st Page Ranker for yourself.

While we cannot personally guarantee your results or that you’ll make money (we don’t know you or your work ethic, nor does the law allow for us to do that), we can guarantee that we’ve done everything in our power to make 1st Page Ranker give you an unfair advantage in the search engines.

It’s changed our business and the business of many other people. That’s why we want you to take 1st Page Ranker for a full test drive.

If you run into any technical issues, we’ll do everything in our power to rectify it asap. And if we can’t? We’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.


Never Struggle Getting High Quality
Free Traffic Ever Again… Get Access To
1st Page Ranker Right Now!

Now that seen first hand this INCREDIBLE no-risk and cost effective way to increase your sales, leads, and profits…for just about any niche you can think of…the next move is up to YOU.

Honestly, if you’ve read this far, you know that you simply cannot have a thriving business online without a steady stream of profitable traffic day in and day out. I’m sure that you’d love to get those ‘1st Page’ rankings that most marketers crave and truly desire right?

The only thing that’s left? Take action on this limited time offer with 1st Page Ranker.

Especially since the investment is extremely low for a limited time.

So If you want to…

Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this very limited, risk-free offer
right now before the time runs out and the price increases.

Plus, you’re still protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. And even after that you don’t feel 1st Page Ranker lives up to its name, I want you to keep the bonuses as a way of saying thank you for giving 1st Page Ranker a try.

So do yourself and your business a favor. Get access to 1st Page Ranker now and never struggle with getting page one rankings ever again!

$47 $10 Dollars Instantly Knocked Off via Coupon Code: 10off
(please refer to buy button for current Early Bird price)

1st Page Ranker FE

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Ali G.

Yogesh Agarwal

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