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Ok, you’re almost there.

But first, I do want to bring something to your attention.

You ever had to program an electronic device or build something and you just took it out the box and started fiddling around with it?

You got some features to work and were satisfied with your small success – only to later find out there was WAAAYYY more to that device than you could have ever imagined?

So you went back, trudged through the directions and got more out of the product right?

Well, I know that people are going to do the same with 1st Page Ranker. They’ll log in, click a few buttons, get some results, and be happy with that.

But friend, you’re hardly even scratching the surface of the true power of 1st Page Ranker.

That’s why I want to show you what you can TRULY do with 1st Page Ranker.

I want to share 1st Page Ranker in all its glory WITHOUT the need for you to take months to discover the full power that it has to offer your business.

And your lifestyle.

That’s why I put this special coaching together for only 500 people.

Welcome To the
1st Page Ranker Academy!

Now you’re probably wondering, “why the heck
would I need coaching with the most powerful
ranking software in the world?”

That’s like asking why does someone like Michael Jordan need a coach to help him with basketball.

It’s not always about the talent, but it’s about 
GETTING EVERY DROP of greatness from the talent.

And the same is true here. It’s not just about the power of 1st Page Ranker, but getting EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF POWER that 1st Page Ranker has to help you generate a cool six figures or more!

Did You Know That People Who Get Coaching
Wind Up Getting a 
570% Higher Success Rate
Than Those Who Don’t?

How could that be possible?

Because coaches help get you to where you’re trying to go. They KNOW the path to take and how to get to the destination.

And I’ve been generating 10’s of thousands of dollars monthly from the internet consistently.#

I’ve got my own set of strategies, tips, and even secret methods that can make 1st Page Ranker truly bring in the funds you desire.

That’s why I’m encouraging you to join me and let me make the path of success easier for you as quickly as humanly possible.

Let Me Take You By The Hand
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There’s soooo much you can do with 1st Page Ranker that it will absolutely blow your mind.

But left to yourself, it’s like having access to the sun. You’ll spread the warmth and touch stuff here and
there, but not really harness the true power of it.

But when you sign up today for this special offer, like the sun, I’m going to show you how to take the
power of it and turn it into a profit pulling laser!

Here’s what’s included:

Advanced Training by
Yogesh Agarwal

You know the saying that there are no secrets on the internet?

Well that’s not completely true.

There are a ‘few secrets’ that aren’t disclosed in open forums
and groups.

So I’m putting together a catalog of advanced videos to take
you from zero to hero with 1st Page Ranker and beyond.

This isn’t stuff you’ll get just anywhere.

Bi-Weekly Live Videos

We’ll get on every two weeks where I can share with you what’s working and what’s not. You’ll be able to get your questions answered with demonstration of examples live on screen.

This way you can leave our sessions knowing EXACTLY what to do next without any guesswork.

Live Demo of how 1st Page Ranker is being used to Generate Massive Sales

You’ll love this part because we’re going to get down to brass tacks. I’m going to show you live on screen how make money with 1st Page Ranker.

Nothing will be held back. I’ll uncover every nook and cranny. I’ll even show you how to hijack launches for fast and easy money with 1st Page Ranker.

Advanced Tips and Tricks.

We’ll show you how to create awesome videos right inside of 1st Page Ranker. Nothing else is needed. You’ll see first hand how we use all of 1st Page Ranker as a one stop shop for video creation and traffic generation needs that produces tons of profits and page one rankings with total ease.

Live Campaigns of Yogesh Agarwal

Want to know what’s working for me as a six figure marketer? Well now you can. I’ll show you every campaign I’m working on both current and new.

I’ll dissect everything and present it for you in an easy to understand manner. Follow along as I reverse engineer what it takes to make money with 1st Page Ranker and more!

There’s nothing held back here ever!

Private Facebook Group

You’ll also receive private access to the 1st Page Ranker community. This is where you’ll be able to collaborate with like minded people who are going through the same thing you’re going through, sharing ideas, experiences, and growing together.

Just being in this group alone can be powerfully motivating. You’ll have me and others spurring you on to success while being extremely helpful at the same time.

But this is only available with this coaching upgrade..

This Kind of Coaching Can Normally Run
You Anywhere From $997 To $1997. But That’s Not
What You’ll Have To Invest

And honestly, that’s a steal of a deal.

Why? Because if what I teach you AND show you helps to generate only an extra $30k per year,
then your investment will be money well spent.

You’ll be getting the exact information, tools, and plans to help you generate an income FOR LIFE.

Think about that for a moment.

This isn’t a one time thing. It’s something that you’ll be able to use day in and day out to make money FOREVER.

Isn’t that worth $997 or even $1997 one time out of pocket?

Thankfully for you, it won’t be anywhere close to that amount to get access to this information.

Unfortunately, There Are Only 500 Spots
Available For This Special Fast Track Coaching…
So Don’t Delay!

I wish that I could keep this open and offer it to the masses.

But because of the personal nature of the coaching, (i.e. group, responding to questions, ect.) it’s just not feasible to do so.

So I’m capping it at 500 people without exception.

So I’d SERIOUSLY encourage you to claim your spot while you can.

Especially since the price is extremely low at the moment.

Once the spots have been filled, the price will return to $997 or I will remove it all together.

But if you want to truly harness the power of 1st Page Ranker and turn it into your very own personal atm, then go ahead and sign up now.

It’ll be some of the best fast track training you’ve ever had.

I guarantee it.

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